Monstrous Burger

06 Sep

For those who love to get down and dirty when it comes to eating monstrous burgers, I have located one of the greatest places in the Midwest that’ll have your taste buds screaming for more and your stomach screaming for less.

If you’re ever in need or wanting a delicious, mouth watering, juicy burger, don’t hesitate to go over to Latawata Creek located in Fairview Heights, Illinois. Latawata Creek is well known for their massive amounts of food for a reasonable price. One burger they do have that I’m going to mention is for the burger and macaroni and cheese lovers.

It’s called the “Fried Mac Daddy Burger.” 

It’s a 10 oz. burger topped it with American cheese. Topped with a fried macaroni and Cheese Patty with lettuce , tomato and red onion. It is served with their french fries.

The taste of the burger is amazing and the size is just incredible. The amazing thing about this burger that could last you for two days, is that it’s only $12.79. That’s a price that can’t be beat.

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Posted by on September 6, 2013 in Burger Town


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